One last election video to top off the election week...

and who better to say all that doesn't need to be said...



The Long Nightmare is Over.

That's right kids, Brittney and KFed are getting divorced.



Rewriting History

Voting... the last, desperate act of a desperate man.

Tomorrow is the single most important day in the history of this country. It is indeed the first day of the rest of our lives.

Tomorrow we find out if voting, our last thread of hope in this thing called democracy, is lost with the rest of it.

Look, i don't care if you are a republican (aka independent or libertarian now) or a democrat. If you are an american and don't vote, you don't get to talk about any issue in this country. That is my own NEW RULE. I have no time to discuss anything with you. Your opinion means shit to me. The right to vote is the real freedom (not just a word). People have marched, fought and died for centuries so that we could have a say in our lives. If you live here and you don't vote, you don't deserve to call yourself an American. You are the immigrant. Your mom accidentally dropped you here and you are just visiting.

Is that harsh? Yes. But if i had a dollar for every argument i've gotten sucked into only to find out that the jackass doesn't even vote... well it would probably be equal to all the dollars i'd have from republicans who, upon losing the argument, said to me, "well, i consider myself more of a libertarian anyway..."

Do I really think the electronic voting machine thing is going to come into play? I dunno. But if they are willing to do this...

i wouldn't put anything past them.

Vote. I don't know if it matters. Just try. One last time. Put the message in the bottle, and hope that it gets found.

PS. Put the contents of that bottle into some tuperware beforehand so that you can drink it tomorrow night... regardless of the outcome of said vote.



Election Week Video of the Day: more Hacking

(so do we all see the pattern here? Election videos till the big day... I've got to much coming into my brain to really have time for the outputting here... so let these do the talking)


Election Week Video of the Day...



How to Hack/Stop voting machines...

No amount of marching in the streets is more important than just witnessing the information in this video.

A democratic legislator recently received discs in the mail anonymously that could be used to hack into a Diebold machine. Suddenly ABC was reporting that the elections might be skewed. That's all it took for this article... one politician receiving a disc. (this is important to remember)

A week ago i was reading Harper's Index and I came across this statistic: "Minutes it took a Princeton researcher to hack into a Diebold voting machine in September: 1"

Now, what occured to me was that the reason voting box hacking has been successful is that only the people doing the hacking have the combination. In other words, a thief never wants his methods to be discovered, as then they can be blocked. This administration doesn't want people to have the combination to the safe --not because people would use it to do "bad" things-- but because it will render their system of corruption useless.

Solution: Give everyone the combination.

If everyone has access to the combination, whether or not it is ever used to hack anything, it renders the system obsolete. I repeat, no hacking will ever have to be done. Case in point: the attention given to just one ex democratic legislator who received the discs with the combination.

Let's say EVERY politician, on both sides of the line was sent discs with the combination... and then every voter... stacks available at polling stations. Imagine the possibilities -- imagine the outcome. How could any result from any machine ever be considered accurate? How could a government in their right mind continue to use this system? And how could a people support said government?

FAQs (well not yet, but im assuming...):

•Isn't that information already on the internet?
Yes, in different locations you can see videos of people doing it. And there are what looks like several techniques. However, there are direct ways... codes/blackberrys/even a flashdrive... that can be used as well. It must also be noted that even though it is on the internet, people are still brutally unaware. It is our job to distribute the information.

Our only technique in fighting voting machines has been to point at the problem and scream about it. Letters to politicians, protests, etc. To no virtually no effect. We need to take a page out of Karl's playbook: to solve a problem, just create a bigger problem.

Imagine this information being spread around like Paris Hilton's sex video, and there you have it.

•So how do you plan on getting the information?
How does anyone get a CD before it is released... it's out there. With a simple google search i found the researcher at Princeton who hacked the machines in September. His name is Edward Felten. I encourage you to watch this demo, and read his paper and perhaps even write him an email. Again, it's out there.

•Is spreading this information illegal?
Honestly I have no idea. But i can't imagine getting arrested for more noble a cause. We are not trying to subvert democracy, we are trying to save it. And as we know, lives are on the line here. Not allowing people the information on voter box hacking is like the government withholding the evidence of how cigarettes can kill you. They still want you to smoke... They still want you to vote... they know full well that both are bad for your health, but they make money so...

To keep in mind: The reason there is hardly any talk, and even less action, against voting machines is that they continue to work just fine for half the population. We can kick and scream all we like, but until it could possibly effect everyone, nothing will be done.... When you are on the freeway, and an accident happens blocking traffic in the left two lanes, the right two lanes continue to flow --usually with the thought, "sucks to be them".

But if there is a chance that one of the cars in that accident might explode... no one tries to pass. So get out of your cushy cars and spread the word: Democracy is burning, and the flame is about to reach the fuel tank. Sharing this information will save lives.


It's gonna be a fun week in the US

Orwell, eat your heart out...

This video is old. Nearly two years old. But have you seen it on TV?

American computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis is seen in this video testifying under oath in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio.