The GOP's case for the a$$a$$ination of the pr3sid3nt

Disclaimer (part 1)-- I in NO WAY endorse or plan to endanger the life of George W. Bush. Those that know me also know that i am a pacificist, and would rather watch him rot at the bottom of a well for the rest of his life.

Disclaimer (part 2)-- I in no way intend to become a blog that focuses solely on conspiracies, for example the stealing of the elections in 2000 and 2004, the plan to destroy er um rebuild New Orleans, and that whole looking the other way while the WTC was demolished... by detonators... planted in the building... ANNNYwhooo...

Disclaimer (part 3)-- This is all speculative, even though it will happen. (Let it be known that since the time George Bush said he would run for president and i proclaimed, "we're going to Iraq," i have been batting a thousand when it comes to predicting this administration's next move. So i am willing to throw all of that credibility out the door to go out on the biggest limb i can find and say the following...)

The (PNAC) Republican Party is going to "murder" their own president.

Let's begin with basics...

•Poll numbers in all areas are dropping. Not that it matters, in fact it doesn't. These guys never cared about polls. But they do care about elections... especially the one in 08. And right now they are hemorrhaging.

•Scandal is imminent. Come January, what was bad is going to get worse. The Democrats are back and they are pissed. More than one house judiciary investigation is looming, as well as possible impeachment.

•Impeachment means bad things. There is a big difference from the impeachment of Bill Clinton (who at the time had a 72% approval rating), and what would be the impeachment of George Bush. A guy impeached for a blow job is a running joke, whereas a guy impeached for falsifying evidence to start a war so that he could bankrupt a treasury and give it to his pals should just start running.

•Nobody likes a fake war starter or a thief. And it's kinda hard to pump any real feeling into a new candidate like McCain or Giuliani when all their mojo was based on a fake war and no one really feels like rallying behind the 9-11 cry anymore because of that whole fake link to the fake war thing. Kinda makes those guys seem, well... you get it.

•The GOP needs a new 9-11. Operation: Reinvention Through Distraction. Bush gets killed. By any of the millions upon billions of people in the world that now absolutely despise him (that's an easy one). Weep Weep. Parades. Media 24/7 for weeks (the media might even invent more hours in the day for such an occasion...). Bumper stickers: RIP Patriot Hero Cowboy. Mother Fing flags everywhere (again). Fox News: Democrats Happy the President is Murdered? And the mojo comes back...

•And all scandals go away. (Think Ken Lay. Remember him? Of course you don't. He "died" too. He went from future convict to dead and out of memory all in 3 days.) Personally, i am willing to try a green corpse in Bush's case, i dont care. Prop him up on the stand and swear his dead ass in. But in reality, it would all come to a stand still. An entire bible of how to destroy a nation... burned. And a congress mired in "grief"... dems would have no way of doing anything... again.

•New mojo, no dead weight... now it's time to bring in the secret weapon. Hello...... Jeb. Remember him? Don't tell me he won't run. Don't tell me the Bushs' don't want a "dynasty" so bad they can taste it. As my mother pointed out to me earlier, the only thing they are missing is sacrifice. The Kennedy's had it. And there is only one way to get it (when your family is too chickenshit to fight in their own fake war).

•Speaking of Kennedy's... Daddy knows this drill all too well. GHWB was head of the CIA... involved waaay back when JFK was shot. (and Martin. and Bobby. and...) Let's just say the CIA was a bit more involved back then, and Daddy knows how to get things done.

•Would they kill him? Or would they just fake it... That is the question. I mean, it would be so easy to just get some good CG effects and fly him off to some place remote, like South America, in the middle of the night. Never to be heard from again. That reminds me...

•Remember when i said the fake war starting theif president should start running? Well, the running has already started. Recently George is reported to have purchased 99,000 acres of land in Paraguay. You know, where all the celebrities go. It's a regular who's who of political hob knobbers down there, like so and so and what's his face... whatever. (you all go ahead and type Bush and Paraguay into google and find your own reference links).

•(An interesting sidenote... Paraguay is where the Nazis fled as well. It's true, I'm just sayin!)

Well, as they say... Sweet Jesus, ain't nothing better than a martyr!! (nobody ever really said that.) There are a hell of a lot more reasons why this is the perfect solution for the GOP. And when i say GOP i don't mean GOP. I mean this evil that has taken over the GOP and now taken over the nation. (google PNAC)

Those that will say i am spouting conspiracy also take their kids to see Santa Clause AND then fight the War on Christmas. They believe George Bush is a cowboy and the GOP is full of manly men. This is what we are dealing with here. Then they call me the idealist.

This government has been able to hide a civil war, make invisible the returning caskets of dead soldiers , render irrelevant the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians... what exactly makes you think they can't do it to just one man?