You know yer a fascist when...

Watch the video here

And then commence packing.

What these are... those kids in college. You know the ones. You know who she is and you know who he is. They don't give a fuck as long as they are making money and everyone is looking at them. They don't even believe what they are saying. Shit, they don't even know what they are saying. They are soap opera stars behind a "news" desk.

Anyway, small post today. (Just enough to make you throw up a little in your mouth)... Carrie is in town from art school and i have a logo to design for a new guitar company in order to actually make some money. We will be getting back to art here though. I have new paintings to show and public art to talk about and my first Town meeting to prepare for!



when i was a kid...

Game boys, 24 hr cartoon networks, dvd players in the back of your head rest, Blues Clues, Baby Einstein... whatever. What the hell happened to all you parents out there? Did you forget your roots? You wanna know what your kid is missing?

A Sense of Wonder.

(and yes, i did put a freaking Zepp cover on my blog. Why? That album cover there, along with many more in my mom's collection, is probably why i became an artist at all. These covers were sacred when i was little. I would flip through them thinking i wasn't allowed, or that someone would stop me at any moment because i was glimpsing the truth too early. There was this world of possibility in these squares... no way did a person make these... i never once thought of the artist... it was as if they conceived themselves.

I'm not a kid anymore --though i still can feel that way when i look at these covers-- so i don't know what gives kids that feeling anymore?

What is there today? a big generation of Bubble Children who are waited on hand and foot, given every possible distraction so that they won't face a minute of sadness, forced by law to wear a helmet if they are to touch anything that might have a wheel on it.

Anyway, what am i getting at here... I dunno. But maybe it's just to remind that there was a time when you would see a blind black genius jam what is a very adult song for 8 minutes on a children's TV show. Maybe it's to point to that child at the top of those stairs in this video that is absolutely consumed with this sound. Maybe it's to say that "less _____" is not what our children need right now, that they are capable of processing, and rely upon, these experiences for whatever might be coming their way later on.)



NonProphet '08 (?)

Well, as i was typing the post below about he who shall not be named, i wrote a bit about how my blog is wavering between art and politics without delving wholeheartedly into either.

I just got a call from the Oceanside City Council as i finished typing ("wow" i thought, "they really hunt you down for those library books") and anyway it turns out you are all reading the blog of the newest addition to the Oceanside City Arts Commission...

I'm a politician mofos!

Thank you thank you... please hold your applause. I would just like to say that it is an honor to fill this seat, and with your help, and maybe a tiny donation or two from the good lobbyists at Wal Mart, i look forward to doing my part to serve the community. (Cash is fine)

So crap, i'm a politician. Guess i'd better cut back on the flag burning (i only use it to cover the smell of my joints) and tell my gardner (Juan) that the wedding is off until he gets his greencard.

Whatever... it's all Clinton's fault.

(I'm going to be good at this)


Squealer on Vacation

Well so my blog is slowly turning into one of those political commentary blogs i never wanted it to be (and a rather half assed one at that since i a'm not willing to put both feet in). Yesssss I'm still making stuff and I do have arty things to talk about, but I mean c'mon! How can someone like me resist something as easy as this....

It seems our favorite piggy has left the Animal Farm for a sec to take a well deserved vacation from lying through his cigar stained teeth. And what better place than the Dominican Republic.
It also seems (as we all know by now) that Squealer brought with him a big ol bottle/illegal prescription for Vitamin V, going against his deal with the court, and implicating his doctor.

So let's connect the dots a bit here....

The man who said this,

Went here,

With a whole bunch of these,

On his own invisible jet.

(i'd like to dedicate this post to my Uncle Hank, who once claimed that Sqealer doesn't lie... )



The Coulter/Hitler Challenge is ON!!

Not one to brag, but i scored pretty high on this. Not because I'm bitchin, but really because um... er, well... Hitler was just a better writer than Ann. I did not score 100% though, and if anyone out there does, let me know and i will celebrate your wisdom.


(DISCLAIMER: It is not the intention of NonProphet to make comparisons between Ann Coulter and Adolf Hitler (for example: how similar their names are). Any similarities noted that may allude to comparisons will hereby be deemed "coincidence".)



So you say you want a resolution?

The higher ups of the Republican Party would like you to believe that Liberals/Democrats/free thinkers don't have a solution to the quagmire (abosolute mess) that is Iraq.

Well, I have one that seems pretty darn easy (compared to the shit we are in now...)

One of the main jobs of US Soldiers is to protect the war profiteering corporations that are supposed to rebuild the infrastructure. Instead, these coporations are ripping off the US taxpayer and the Iraqi people, and do nothing (the biggest project probably building the new US Embassy-- 104 acres: 80 football fields).

It has been 3 years, and people in Baghdad are still struggling for the basics (electricity for exapmle). In 1991, after the 1st Gulf War, Iraq was rebuilt fast and at a low cost by the Iraqis themselves (saddam was better at reconstruction?). Now it's a different story... one that has become more than ever "the american way". As an example, during Bremer's time, a bridge rebuilding project was being bid on. Went like this....
Iraqi company bid $100,000
Halliburton bid $1,000,000
You probably can guess who got that bid.

So what is the solution?
1 - Pull out the corporations and war profiteers immediately
2 - Let Iraqi companies bid on infrastructure rebuilding and choose the best, of course everything will be US funded, as Colin says, you break it, you pay.
3 - Pull out US troops as they won't be needed: the insurgency is fueled by the presence of the foreign contractors and US troops, and also 80% unemployment rate. Giving everyone their jobs back will be much more efficient in stalling the insurgency than killing civilians.

And as a bonus...
1 - Forget the oil grab, and re-nationalize the oil to let the Iraqis profit from what comes out of their soil (Bush's earliest claim). Use diplomacy to facilitate open deals with oil companies.
2 - Donate the giant embassy to the Iraqi people to turn into a Hospital, a University or a Museum.
3 - Use international law instead of self-interest to help the Iraqis determine their future.

This not only empowers Iraqis, but allows us to leave with a tiny atom of decency.

And since i know the Republicans are not capable of doing any of this, I think we might have to find someone who will.

(thanks both to Judy at DU and Dennis Kucinich)



Today's word is B-L-O-O-D-L-U-S-T

Ohhhhh really, Time? In an attempt to sink lower than their cover of Trans Coulter, Time magazine decided to use this for their latest cover to self reference a long history of covers... as such:

Now, I wasn't alive for Pearl Harbor or Hitler. But i think i am safe in gently screaming that there is no way IN HELL that you can compare the death of Hilter to that of Zarqallafagus.

How many things are wrong with this picture?

A. The most important thing we have killed in the past 5 years is the Constitution. Start there....

B. Does Time actually think i give a fuck about the death of this man? Or that ANY americans do? Even the ones that might say they do have flipped the dial back to Idol already. Even if this man was all that they have tried to convince us he was... so what? Is the war over? Can the troops come home? Do i feel relieved? Safer? Mission Accomplished?

I didn't even feel that way when we caught Saddam. THAT ranked right up there with finding your pet boa constrictor after it escapes its terrarium and before it swallows the hamster. Why? No army. No threat. NOT CONNECTED TO 9-11. (all admitted by senior officials in the whitehouse).

So now we are celebrating the demise of enemies that we created through our own pre emptive evil deeds. Hmmm... Ya see Time, the problem with this is that it all comes off a bit different than it did in WW2. Then, we were attacked. We were defending. We were actually protecting and fighting for a greater cause (to someday be able to make iPods for squat in far away places). John Kennedy came along and said "we will never start a war". George W. Bush came along and said, "bullshit, I'ma git PAID mufugga". And here we are, raping and pillaging, like the extremely well armed (yet unarmored) pirates we are. There's just not the same feel of heroism about Darth Vader crossing Admiral Motti off his list.

SO STOP TRYING TO CREATE ONE. Why are you still pandering to the small minority of americans who are still gung ho about this war? These are the same americans who REFUSE TO READ. So just fucking stop it already. Yay for the internet hurrying your extinction.



ay cabron

(for ashes... here's what yer missing. doesn't this make you homesick?)

So, I'm getting back to normal after being really sick. Well first i was in St. Louis for about 5 days, then i got real sick. I will have photos from St. Louis up soon (they have one of the most interesting interactive public art works i have ever seen). Other than that i had to finish 3 paintings for a show and having a braincloud and nostrils full of cement did not help that at all. i don't really like how they turned out... well honestly, they suck. And what sucks about that is they were looking real good up to the sickness part. I miiiight show them here later if i can stomach them.

I want to be the first to have a phaedon retrospective with all of my "unsuccessful" art endeavors. Right now that book feels real thick.