Rapture, mofos.

the end is near?



for reals this time?

Hi... So, basically i thought i was back and i wasn't. I had to leave again to go on yet another trip. For those keeping score at home (like anyone is still reading any of this or gives a crap at all), that makes Mojave, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Oregon, San Francisco again, Dallas, Palm Springs, and basically the entire state of Wisconsin all in about the last two months. The good news is that i was able to see some really interesting stuff and i had my little Optio A20 with me again to capture some of it. The not so good news is that i'm tired and blogging seems like a far away planet right now. But when i get myself together a bit (just got home), i will put a bunch of visual stimuli on this thingy. So if anyone does indeed give a crap, well, just keep giving a crap a little while longer. If not, then what are you doing reading this? Shouldn't you be devoting your time to whether or not the Madonna of decade goes to jail? Gag, whatever...